March 12, 2018

Pleasurable Female Sexual Positions

Pleasurable Female Sexual Positions

The climax is the entire point behind each and every sexual encounter taken part in by a woman or a man because when a man or a woman reaches an orgasm, he or she is overcome with an indescribable, pleasurable feeling beyond comparison. Fortunately, men usually do not have much difficulty achieving this awesome feeling; however, this is not the case for the majority of women.

For a woman to experience that type of pleasure in the bedroom, she needs to do and experience certain actions leading up to an orgasm, especially if she is trying to achieve multiple ones. Of course, foreplay is a major part of helping a woman experience pleasure and orgasms without penetrating the vagina. But if a woman wants to climax during vaginal penetration, she needs to try certain sexual positions. The following details five of the most pleasurable female sexual positions, all of which are highly popular with many women.

The First Position–Missionary

In order for most women to experience an earth shattering orgasm during sexual intercourse, they will often need their partner to penetrate them deeply. And when it comes to deep penetration, nothing beats the missionary sex position where the woman lays flat on her back while the man gets on top of her. To add an extra component to a woman’s pleasure factor, her partner can use his fingertips to stimulate the clitoris.

The Second Position–Modified Missionary

Just as with the traditional missionary position, the modified missionary sex position allows the man to deeply penetrate the woman as well as let his shaft rub and stimulate her clitoris while he thrusts. In order to pull this position off, the woman will place either one of her leg over her partner’s shoulder so he can thrust from a side angle.

The Third Position–Doggy Style

The doggy style sex position is highly effective for helping any woman achieve a great amount of pleasure and hopefully a mind blowing orgasm during a sexual encounter. All a couple needs to do for this sex position is to have the woman bend over at the waist at a 90 degree angle or get on her hands and knees and arch her back. The man will then enter the vagina from behind. Although it may seem the man has total control, the woman can actually assume control over the speed and power of her partner’s thrusts.

The Fourth Position–Cowgirl

This sexual position can take a woman to heights of pleasure she has never experienced before if performed correctly. The cowgirl sex position lets the woman sit on top of the man and take over where and how her partner thrusts.

The Fifth Position–Modified Doggy Style

The last position in this article–the modified doggy style sex position–requires the woman to lay on her stomach, completely flat. Her partner will then position his pelvis to have it sit directly above her pelvis. Doing this allows the penis to hit her g-spot while still letting the man be able to reach her clitoris for extra stimulation.


Source by G. Crandall