January 12, 2018

Better Sex Through Yoga

Better Sex Through Yoga

For most people, sex is really a trying task. Not only are you invited to be focusing on your partner's pleasure and satisfaction (without being obviously focused on your own), you also have to worry about getting creative and fresh with all the positions while making sure these positions will not cause any stress or injury to your body. Also, you have to worry about your stamina and endurance, whenever you can keep up your performance to the climax. Considering all these factors, one begins to wonder if sex was not that big a deal in the first place.

Of course, sex is a big deal, if done right! There's nothing that can compare to that level of intimidation and strength of the bond shared by you and your partner when you share an exceptional lovemaking experience, and this is not limited to the physical side of sex. If you're looking for a way to make that great experience even better, then why not try yoga as your way to better sex?

According to the book Better Sex Through Yoga by Jacquie Noelle, you can have a more pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience by performing yoga every day. Through performing yoga, you can become more sexually aware of your body, and how you can derive more sexual pleasure and satisfaction from this awareness. Physically, you will become more limber and flexible, allowing you to explore more sexual positions and movements that you were not able to try before. Also, the increased blood and oxygen flow into your muscles (especially your lower muscles) will allow you to better feel the pleasure of sex. Also, yoga will help you get better posture and more toned muscles, so not only do you feel good, you will also look good! Your partner will be virtuously salivating when he or she gets a look at the new you, and feel your new moves in the sack! Better Sex through Yoga will teach you simple yoga positions and exercises that will allow you to fully realize your sexual potential!

So many people have already discovered a better sex life and created a deaf emotional bond with their partner since reading through Better Sex Through Yoga. Not only have they discovered new ways to pleasure each other, they have also found out new ways to prolong that new pleasure, making their sex life all the more satisfying.

What's more, even if you're a complete beginner in the world of sexual yoga, or you're basically the master of all sexual yoga knowledge, Better Sex Through Yoga offers ideas and tips for you! You can learn new things about your sexual self, your partner's sexual needs, and the sexual needs of your relationship simply just by reading this book and trying out the recommended routines and exercises for your level of flexibility and knowledge, and you can further expand on the techniques that you already know. From the most basic exercises to limber up your muscles, to the most advanced routines that can allow you to further get in touch with your sexual self, Better Sex Through Yoga has it all!


Source by Raquelle Asencio